25 May 2011:: SVA is published in Bioinformatics.

21 Mar 2011:: SVA V1.10 is released: [1]Supports GRCh build 37/hg19; [2] Supports user annotation track in GFF3 or BED formats.

9 Sep 2010:: The characterization of twenty sequenced human genomes. [Article]

12 Jul 2010:: LabCorp Launches Interleukin 28B Polymorphism (IL28B) Genotype Test to Support Individualized Treatment Decisions for Patients with Hepatitis C Viral Infection.

17 Jun 2010:: Causal variants for metachondromatosis are identified.
[Article] [SVA screenshot]
[GenomeWeb: The Daily Scan]

18 Mar 2010:: SVA 1.02[beta] is released.

11 Mar 2010:: SVA 1.01[beta] is released with a command line tool.

8 Mar 2010:: A lite evaluation edition is released for Windows. Play with it on your laptop!

23 Jan 2010:: SVA 1.00[beta] is released.

SequenceVariantAnalyzer, or SVA, is a computer software project designed to annotate, visualize, and analyze the genetic variants identified through next-generation sequencing studies, including whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and exome sequencing studies.

The ultimate goal of SVA is to provide the research community with a user-friendly and efficient tool to analyze large amount of genetic variants, and to facilitate the identification of the genetic causes of human diseases and related traits.

SVA is free of charge to the research community in both academia and industry.