25 May 2011:: SVA is published in Bioinformatics.

21 Mar 2011:: SVA V1.10 is released: [1]Supports GRCh build 37/hg19; [2] Supports user annotation track in GFF3 or BED formats.

9 Sep 2010:: The characterization of twenty sequenced human genomes. [Article]

12 Jul 2010:: LabCorp Launches Interleukin 28B Polymorphism (IL28B) Genotype Test to Support Individualized Treatment Decisions for Patients with Hepatitis C Viral Infection.

17 Jun 2010:: Causal variants for metachondromatosis are identified.
[Article] [SVA screenshot]
[GenomeWeb: The Daily Scan]

18 Mar 2010:: SVA 1.02[beta] is released.

11 Mar 2010:: SVA 1.01[beta] is released with a command line tool.

8 Mar 2010:: A lite evaluation edition is released for Windows. Play with it on your laptop!

23 Jan 2010:: SVA 1.00[beta] is released.

SVA in action


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Screenshot 6: SVA Gene Prioritization (SVA-GP) function ranks the Factor VIII (F8) gene as the first "possible candidate hit", by comparing 10 patient genomes with 10 control genomes.

The 10 patients are type A hemophilia patients resistant to HIV infection. This project is funded by the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to David Goldstein at Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy (IGSP), Center for Human Genome Variation.

(Some pre-published data were manually masked in this screenshot.)