Selecting genes by gene symbols


SVA allows selecting genes by gene symbols. Please note the gene symbols used here must be defined by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee.

To access this function, click on menu "Filter -> Gene filter - gene symbol", or click on button "Gene filter - symbol".

You will see a dialog like this:

You have three ways to select genes:

  1. Click on the "Selection" column (the 4th column) in the table;
  2. Directly type in the gene symbol in the text field, and the click on button "Select gene>>". Note: if the dialog won't let you type in the gene symbol, it means that the symbol you are trying to type in is not in the current database. Try the official symbol by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee, or check whether the gene is on the loaded chromosomes (if this is a chromosome-wise project).
  3. Prepare a text file including all the genes that you would like to select, with per row one gene symbol. Then click on button "Load gene list" and load the text file.

If you would like to remove all the selected genes, click on button "<<Deselect all".

After you select the genes, click on button "FILTER" to select all the variants related to the selected genes, by the functional categories defined here.